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Power FM Radio Station Adelaide SA
Australia 5001

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Power FM

Power FM is a top 40 radio station featuring a heavy schedule of music from the 90's to today. It also includes Bazz 'n Claires Brekky, Power Boy's Phat 20, Saturday Night Power Party, Take 40 Australia and numerous comedy features, which provide a mix of fun and entertainment.

There's also news, weather and sport for the information minded. Power FM's primary target is people 18 - 39 years old.

There is no advertising medium that creates sales like radio. It has the ability to motivate direct consumer response to its advertising messages. Thousands of case studies show how radio can work for a business whether it is shifting products off shelves, providing every-day services and/or invoke swift action from consumers in response to its advertising messages.

The increasing mobility of people living and working in the region means that radio is the major source of contact, including companionship, entertainment, Adelaide news/events and national & worldwide news.

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